Usagi Group B.V. was founded Feb 23, 2015

What we do

  • SEO

  • Web Design

  • Images

We have experience in search engine optimization, woocommerce webshops, wordpress, PHP, MySql and basic HTML programming.

Since we own over 100 websites we see these as mandatory projects for the coming decade, so sorry we will not respond to any of your design requests.

Who we are

The usagigroup is a subsidary of the Knijn Holding B.V. We host a number of commercial websites in a broad range, from online clothing stores up to tender request websites.

Some of our websites will soon be listed here to give you an impression about our scope.

Contact details

Clematislaan 51, 2241JB Wassenaar
P: +31655782054 - info@usagigroup.com